Comic Translation: A Rainy Day Miracle [MiraGen]

ORIGINAL: 【漫画】雨の日キセキ by 月花(つっか)

This have been half finish for about a month now so I decided to just finish it.

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Kida & Mikado - Kise & Kasamatsu

I know I’m not the only one who saw the resemblance here.

Kida & Kise are secretly related as are Mikado & Kasamatsu.. and now we have proof.. THEY CAN’T EVEN DENY IT!

(Source: nucleardesolation)

Comic Translation: I’m Actually a Girl [MidoTaka, AoKise, KuroKaga, MuraAka]

俺実は女なんだ【腐】by tkmt

Did this during free period. Who knew it’s only one week into school and I already have 1 test, 2 oral, 4 quizzes, and 2 creative essays & 2 lab reports due.


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Comic Translation: How to Comfort Kuroko-kun Ver. Kise

Original: 黒子くんの慰め方【腐】by みなみ

Last one before I start working on homework.

Aomine - Midorima - Murasakibara - Akashi - Momoi - Kagami

Kise! Why are you do adorable?????

Comic Translation: Cross Dressing Kise sobbing uncontrollably [AoKise + slight KagaKuro]

ORIGINAL: 【腐】女装した黄瀬くんが泣きじゃくる漫画 by 七日

Stalling on my summer homework still. I just don’t want to write any Japanese… or study Economics, Chemistry, or Biology… But I feel like I should…

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Comic Translation: Kiseki and Kuroko Kissing Only Yaoi [Kiseki x Kuroko]

So someone requested and even though it was long most of it seemed pretty easy so I decided to translate it. Then I forgot to ask for the source although I’m pretty sure I saw it on pixiv before.

ORIGINAL <— don’t know yet. I forgot to ask the person who requested for the source so if you do know please send me a message

This is a pointless kissing party

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how to catch a Kuroko